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Language Arts 6: 7(A)
Instructor: Coleman-Void, Deborah   
SC Science and Social Studies PASS Test
Students will be taking the SC PASS Science and Social Studies Test online starting on May 11, 2016.
Greetings Parents and Students,
We are still working in Collection 3 in the textbook. We are reading "There Will Come Soft Rains." The skills for this story focuses on personification (figurative language) and using context clues.
We are also in the process of completing AIMSWEB 2 testing.
Happy New Year
Greetings Parents & Students,
We are very busy testing since getting back to school after the holidays. We have taken the SRI to determine lexile levels. Now students are taking the AIMSWeb test. We are presently in Collection 3 in the ELA Textbook.
Students are reminded to bring textbook, ELA folder, paper, pencil and highlighter to class daily.
Thanks, parents, for all you do.

Ms. Void
Week of October 12-16, 2015
Parents and Students,
We are completing Collections 1 "Facing Fears" by the end of this week. We will begin Unit 2 next week .
Week of Sept. 28-Oct. 2, 2015
Greetings Parents and Students,
This week we will finish the story, "Fine?" and take the assessment for the story on Wednesday.
We are still reading from Collection 1 "Facing Fear."
Thanks for all you do.
Week of August 24-28, 2015
Greetings Parents & Students,
Welcome to ELA. It is indeed a pleasure to have your child in my ELA class. We will be focusing on Vocabulary Skills, Reading Comprehension Skills, Grammar Skills and Writing Skills.
On Mondays, we summarize newspaper stories and on Tuesdays we go to the Library.
This week, we will begin the story "The Ravine" starting on page 3. Please have your child preread this story.
The skills will cover Making Inferences, Analyzing Language, and Describing Character, Setting, Climax, Conflict, Major Events, Resolution and Theme.
Thanks for all you do!
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